Story Time with Amber...
Hi Guys. We're on our Gulf Coast Tour reading our new book about a young boy who saved the King. When I get back, I'll be having live story times each week from the Pets House Story Time Cabin in Austin. I'd love to have you join me. Send me an email or text and I'll answer you right away with your private password to join in. Thanks... See ya soon!

Text . 512 785.1739
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Central market shows Wednesdays through Dec 18th

Join us for our our Kids Music series at Central Market South! We'll bring the shakers, drums, scarves, bubbles, kazoos and more! And stick around for the mama-papa jam and dance time with Amber! 5:00-7:00pm (new time) every Wednesday! See ya there!

Review - Thank you Coastal Library!

"We all love the rhyming text, beautiful watercolor and great storyline with the king learning how to turn an upside down smile (a frown) into a smile by playing a movement game.

Interesting how he learned this from a small child. The message is clear. We can learn from everyone and it is just a matter of how you look at a situation. Different perspectives can be very useful and enlightening!" -Linda Thompson

Summer Tour

We just got back from our tour in the gulf coast

Thanks for a great audience in Biloxi!
Dancing with Amber in Georgetown

Bedtime Stories - (coming soon)

Listen to Weekly Storytimes Live from our Cabin in Austin. 
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Central Market Kids Nights

Thanks Central Market for having us out every Wednesday to do music - it's been tons of fun! We're super excited to come back in September for more singing, dancing, jumping, shaking, and mama-papa-jamming! See you then!
Shaker time

Lots of great song ideas
Snow ball fights with the scarves!