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Pets House Studios

Pets House Studios creates music, stories and lively theater shows designed to inspire young heroes to live a great story.

College Artist Internship Program

Our artist program is a paid internship providing students an opportunity to develop skills through collaboration on real world projects. Each book is co-created by a team of art students.


Interns at pets house are talented and creative. Throughout the book-creating process, they actively collaborate in sketching, inking and painting to help bring our stories to life.


Parkey Spradley

Parker Spradley is a third year art student at the University of Texas. She loves oil painting nature scapes and chocolate chip cookies.

Julio Moreno

Julio Moreno is a 2nd year art student at the University of Texas. He likes to wear flannel shirts and draw cartoons of his friends and family.

Creative Director

Art leaders at Pets House Studios over-see multiple projects at once and guide the creative process from beginning stages to final printing of our books.

Amber Williams -2019 Art Leader

Amber Williams is a 17 year old singer and artist in Austin. She began her career by drawing all over her white bedroom walls (at age 3).


Producers pull the whole project together.

Johnny and Sharon -

Johnny and Sharon have been creating children's music, stories and theatre shows together since the mid 90's. Learn more at www.mrjohnny.com